Kestrel featured on Britains Extreme Weather: Superstorms & Heatwaves (Channel 4)

The Kestrel gets another appearance on UK TV, this time on Britains Extreme Weather: Superstorms & Heatwaves (Channel 4)

Morland Sanders looks at climate change and its link to severe weather events in the UK, which has seem tornadoes, torrential rain, lightning storms, flash floods and a record-breaking temperature of 38.7C in recent months. This programme features archive footage, personal stories and striking visuals of Britain’s recent heatwave. He examines whether the nation’s ageing infrastructure can cope with this ever more brutal onslaught, and what effect it will have on agriculture and the cost of living.

You can see the Kestrel being used to check heat levels within the city of London.

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88th Round the Island Race

The 88th Round the Island Race took place last Saturday which lead to being very busy providing live data right around the course.  First start was 7.30 am for the largest yachts and Calshot was showing 14 knots coming from the North East.

As the leading yachts gybed down the Solent, with Lymington Starting Platform showing that initially there was slightly better wind on the mainland shore than indicated by  Yarmouth Pier  on the island side.  As the massive fleet sailed under spinnaker down the Solent the next key indicator of the live conditions was provided by the full weather station data from Hurst Castle.

After the slow beat to St Catherine’s and on round the back of the Wight the sailors were again able to know what was going on in Spithead for the last leg to Cowes using the live data from Ryde Pier. has live data from sites across the country, and if you need a Weather station for your Sailing Club or business then please contact us at Richard Paul Russell Ltd.

WeatherFile Wind and Weather Monitoring Equipment at The Showman Show

Richard Paul Russell Ltd have been supplying the temporary structure, festivals and outdoor events market for over 20 years, working closely with major suppliers such as Stageco, Victorious Festival, BBC Countryfile Live, Baconinflate and others.
As festivals and outdoor events are becoming increasingly popular they are growing in size and with that the temporary structures are becoming larger and more complex with greater loads being applied to them. This combined with our ever changing and less predictable weather results in a need for accurate and immediate data on site during construction, setup and whilst the event is running.
Richard Paul Russell Ltd have further developed their WeatherFile wind and weather monitoring solutions with direct connection to its website. This allows live data display at both a local level and via the public internet fulfilling requirements for monitoring of actual loads and weight distribution related to wind speed and direction in line with the Institution of Structural Engineers guidance on temporary demountable structures, procurement, design and use.
Increased functionality including email alerts, and options for staged local audible and visual alarms and/or local colour coded monitor displays ensure operators are kept informed so they can make informed decisions regarding the stability of a structure.
WeatherFile will constantly monitor and log wind and weather data which is invaluable for analysis and future reference, covering weather parameters such as wind, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, dew point and precipitation.
Data certainty is ensured by using WindSonic solid-state ultrasonic technology with certified accuracy that provides many advantages over conventional cup anemometers and vane sensors, having no moving parts that can jam, break or wear out. This makes them the perfect choice for the temporary structure market where durability, maintenance free use and accuracy are of paramount importance.

MarqueeRichard Paul Russell Ltd are experts in developing bespoke solutions with clients regardless of power availability, remoteness or the harshness of the environment.
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Kestrel 5200 featured on Breaking2 (National Geographic)

Did you see the Kestrel 5200 on the excellent Breaking2? (Source: YouTube)

The Kestrel 5200 provides the same trusted accuracy, reliability, and usability as the original Kestrel 4200 and 4300. With its complete suite of environmental measurements plus special features designed to aid HVAC technicians, construction and agriculture professionals, the Kestrel 5200 outperforms the competition as the most compact and complete environmental meter and data logger for all professional uses.

Kestrels have been put to the test in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. U.S. Special Forces, combat weather teams, wildland fire-fighters, smoke jumpers, Mt. Everest expeditions and auto pit crews are just a few who rely on a Kestrel to provide them with the crucial environmental data they need. Watch the Weather Channel during a hurricane, and you’re sure to spot a Kestrel in action. Technicians have been purchasing Kestrel meters for their toolboxes for years, knowing they will provide the readings they need immediately and reliably. Construction managers all over the world have relied on their Kestrel meters to ensure work-site safety and cost-effective concrete pours. Farmers should know a Kestrel meter can help them avoid property damage and maximize productivity.

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Blue Ocean Megaphone featured on Location, Location, Location (Channel 4)

Blue Ocean Megaphone featured on Location, Location, LocationDid you see the Blue Ocean Megaphone on your telebox last night? (Wed 29th May)
Our staff spotted it’s cameo on Channel 4’s excellent Location, Location, Location, presented by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer?

The Blue Ocean Megaphone is a robust marine grade megaphone designed specifically for use on the water and in harsh environments. It features a waterproof, impact resistant design with extremely durable parts that are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions and made to last.

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Kestrel featured on Hurricane Man (Dave)

The Kestrel hand-held anemometer was spotted by our staff again last on UK freeview channel Dave. Featuring in the excellent “Hurricane Man”, presented by Josh Morgerman.

In this episode, Josh and his documentary team are in the wake of Typhoon Cimaron in Japan, as Hurricane Lane explodes onto the scene, barrelling towards Hawaii and threatening historic landfall.

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Kestrel featured on Kate Humble: Living with Nomads (BBC Four)

We were glued to our seats last night watching Kate Humbles fascinating “Living with Nomads” documentary (BBC Four, 9pm).

In the show, Kate shows the sub-zero temperatures using the Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter during her time in Siberia. Not only can the Kestrel 4500 with stand sub-zero temperatures, it’s also been used to monitor incredibly hot temperatures (as reported by the BBC at Sydney Cricket Ground).

A new version, the Kestrel 5500 has recently superseded the Kestrel 4500 with features including …
• Measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and direction.
• 14 total meteorological parameters measured, calculated and displayed real-time and stored in memory, including advanced meteorological measurements such as dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature and density altitude.
• Large, hi-res, hi-contrast, graphic display is perfectly readable in the brightest sunlight and is backlit for night-time use.

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