Kestrel Elite – Top Pick in International Sniper Competition

Kestrel® Weather & Environmental Meters, have been named as a top pick in sniper tech by FOX News at this years USASOC International Sniper Competition, held at Fort Bragg, NC, USA

During the week, the world’s elite special operations forces converge at Ft. Bragg for specialized competitions hosted by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. The competitions are designed to challenge the real-world skills of some of the best military and law enforcement snipers and assault teams from the United States and allied partners.

The Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics was among those products used and featured throughout the weeklong competition. This compact handheld device precisely measures wind and air density while employing the cutting edge Applied Ballistics® solver to provide shooters with targeting solutions for each situation. Shooters have the option to choose G1, G7 or custom drag models to best suit their needs.

The Kestrel Elite with LiNK offers wireless connectivity to Android and iOS smartphones using Bluetooth® low energy technology, allowing for app connectivity and easy configuration and backup. Additionally, the Kestrel Elite and Sportsman models both work seamlessly with the Bushnell CONX Range Finder, receiving range data at the push of a button and transmitting the holdover value.



WEATHERFILE.COM Hits 2 Million Page Views & Mobile Friendly has made incredible advances in the last 15 months. It started life as a very flat HTML 1.0 driven website providing an incredible wealth of information. Brilliant for weather geeks with time on their hands, but not so easy to view ‘on the go’.

The team sat together and realised it was important to bring the site up-to-date. Some existing code had shown the possibility of using Google map technology to display our data. We re-visited this code and updated it using the latest version of Google API and additional code to show wind data updating live. The whole site was wrapped with Bootstrap (giving full mobile & desktop responsive feel) and we were away! As word of mouth about our new look increased, more and more users view the live WeatherFile Wind&Weather data.

In less than a year we hit our first million page views, a milestone the whole of the company was extremely proud of. We soon realised our traffic was growing at an incredible rate helped by satisfied customers spreading the word, our new Twitter account and Facebook ‘like’ posts.

Last month we were asked to provide the new BBC CountryFile Live event at Blenheim Palace with live weather data. This was streamed live from an RPR FlexiMet GSM weather station installed on site at the event and the live weather data featured on the event website front page.

Our loyal user base has loved the increase in data provided and we have quickly passed the 2 million page view mark, in under 3 months!

With new live weather sites continuing to be added, where can we get to before Christmas 2016?

Check out WeatherFile for yourself at