Complete Kestrel Weather Stations

at Richard Paul Russell Ltd  the very popular discount on the Complete Kestrel Weather Meter package has continued with the New Kestrel 5000 and Kestrel 5500.

The Kestrel Weather Stations give a 12.5% and 10% discount over buying the parts individually. The Kestrel 5000 and Kestrel 5500 Weather Station combine the weather meter with the Kestrel Vane Mount and Large Tripod to create a complete standalone weather station.

These complete weather stations can be left remotely with no human involvement to continuously log the incoming data which can be downloaded using the USB Data Transfer Interface or with the excellent LiNK (Bluetooth Low Energy) option, automatically to your Android or iOS  Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

These packages offer the ultimate in fast, accurate and flexible weather data collection at an affordable price.

Kestrel 5500


HVAC measurements

Some interesting reading from the NK Blog….

Balancing HVAC system is the single, most important step that can be taken to assure your systems produce comfort and operate efficiently. One of the key steps in balancing a system, new or old, is to make sure the airflow coming from each duct is enough to meet demand. ASHRAE Standard 111 covers the procedures to be used when measuring, testing, adjusting, and balancing an HVAC system. While calculations can be made using a few tools and some maths, the Kestrel 5200 Professional does the work for you. Take a look at the steps involved in determining Volume Air Flow without a Kestrel:

  1. Measure air velocity and write it down.
  2. Measure duct dimensions and write them down. (radius, or height and width of opening)
  3. Calculate cross-sectional area using π(r)2 for circular ducts or x(y) for rectangular ducts.
  4. Calculate air flow by multiplying area by air velocity

Now compare that to calculating Volume Air Flow using a Kestrel:

  1. Measure duct dimensions and enter them into the Kestrel.
  2. Hold the Kestrel to the duct opening to directly measure air flow.

The Kestrel 5200  simplifies the process and eliminates the potential for human error when making the various calculations used to determine Volume Air Flow. Not only that, the Kestrel also measures temperature, humidity, and moisture content in air, so you can determine dehumidification needs and the overall comfort level of the home.