Kestrel featured on Space Dive (BBC 2)

Amazing viewing the other night watching Skydiver Felix Baumgartner break the sound barrier (Space Dive – BBC 2) during his 128,100 feet freefall dive from the edge of space.

Judging the perfect time to launch the balloon to space was essential and the team used the Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter to take constant live on the spot readings including wind speed, wind direction, humidity and temperature to help in picking the exact launch moment.

The Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter is the perfect meter for those doing extreme sports such as parachuting, skiing, climbing and kite boarding as well as being a cost effective highly accurate tool for measuring a wide range of weather parameters for the outdoor enthusiast

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Richard Paul Russell Ltd Launches New SpaceLogger.S100 Data Logger

Richard Paul Russell Ltd the specialist data logger supplier has launched the SpaceLogger.S100 Serial Data Logger.

The SpaceLogger.S100 Serial Data Logger connects directly to the local area network and can sample either RS232 or RS422/485 data which is then time and date stamped.

The unit has two ports enabling data to be captured simultaneously from two separate sources. In addition the unit can be DIN rail mounted for convenience.

Data can be viewed in real-time over the local area network and is logged in daily .CSV or .TXT files with the ability to take up to 5,000 bytes per second

The SpaceLogger.S100 Serial Data Logger provides a cost effective, comprehensive and versatile solution for data logging from sensors and devices with either RS232 or RS422/485 serial data outputs.  Example applications include environmental monitoring instruments, weighing equipment and NMEA devices.  Configuration for different devices’ output is straightforward with a command file pre-loaded at connection.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd are experts in developing bespoke solutions with clients.

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