Outdoor Events & High Wind Management

Picture1Richard Paul Russell Ltd. has once again been happy to contribute to the safety of festival goers in Portsmouth from 24-26 August 2018 by supplying a Wind Monitoring System to Victorious.

With the current strong Health and Safety focus for temporary structures, it is imperative that outdoor event organisers are prepared for any adverse weather conditions. Highlighted recently when a large marquee blew down at St Andrews Golf Course during Storm Ali.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd supply many outdoor events including festivals and music concerts. During Victorious our system was instrumental in providing live data for wind speed and direction meaning our client could make informed decisions on any changes required to keep audiences safe.

Victorious benefitted from a WeatherFile Mobile Unit (WMU) which provides the means of connecting the maintenance free WindSonic Wind Sensor via GSM to WeatherFile.com. The WeatherFile data is accessed by any internet network connected pc, tablet or smart phone. Data is viewable on WeatherFile.com. Data is also directly accessible from the WMU’s own WiFi on a local display page via its own IP address. The WMU has a micro SDHD card for long term storage of data and data backup if required.

RPR has over 25 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of wind and weather monitoring systems throughout the UK, tailoring its systems for many custimers iuncluding Stageco, Victorious, Baconinflate and many others. Our systems offer a ‘fit and forget’ solution with simple, quick and easy installation that is supported by our dedicated technical team who are on hand to advise on the best solution for your specific requirements.

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Model Flying Club Joins WeatherFile


Richard Paul Russell Ltd. was delighted to offer a cost effective ‘plug and play’ solution to Phoenix Model Flying Club.  Founded 30 years ago with over 200 members, they required ground level highly accurate wind data so members can judge safe limits to fly.  An essential part of the requirement was for members to be able to view the data remotely so they can avoid unnecessary trips to the club when high winds are present.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd. delivered a cost-effective solution that exceeded the clients brief, meeting all their “must-haves” with additional desirable functionality well within budget. Key elements of the system included a WeatherFile Connection Unit (WCU) that gathers data directly from the sensor that is sent over the local WiFi network to the WeatherFile website. This data can be viewed over the public internet with any connected device from any location. Additional email alert functionality enables club members to receive notifications directly to their inbox when wind limits are exceeded.

Peter Thompson project manager at Phoenix Model Flying Club was delighted with the result stating “Your product has a great spec, does just what we need and your support is first class. For many years we have worked hard to provide our members with the best facilities possible and it is very satisfying that we have finally managed to add live wind monitoring to the list.  I am also pretty chuffed that we are the first Model Flying Club on your Locations list!”

The system was self-installed on time within budget and to specification, delivering highly accurate live wind speed and direction readings through a Gill WindSonic 1 sensor connected directly to www.WeatherFile.com. Email alerts and long term data capture provide a complete solution that far exceeds the clients’ expectations.

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WeatherFile Network Keeps Growing

Another WeatherFile location has been added to the ever expanding network now totalling 44 sites with more coming on stream as I write.

The latest site is 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN the home of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), Transport for London and others.  The building boasts 515,000 sq. ft. of office space with a feature roof terrace over 500 sq. m with a width over 25 metres and multiple access points through electric assisted glass doors. Lendlease head of offices Kevin Chapman describes the office space as a “workplace that plays to the occupants health and well-being”.

Health and Safety was a key factor to our client and this required bespoke elements to the system jointly specified with our engineering team on site visits. The system comprised a GMX200 a WeatherFile Mobile Unit and 2 local 9” displays that changed colour to red when certain wind speed and direction parameters are exceeded, these displays were sited adjacent to the roof terrace access doors. The Gill MaxiMet GMX200 sensor at 12 Endeavour Square has a built in compass that will always find north thus increasing further accuracy regardless of sensor movement.

The WeatherFile Mobile Unit (WMU) allows data to be gathered directly from the Gill MaxiMet GMX200 sensor and sent to our WeatherFile website, the result is cable free live data through WeatherFile completely independent of the buildings local internet increasing security as it separates it from the customers own Wi-Fi network and any associated security risks.

Further applications for this system could include weather monitoring and warning from isolated locations, construction industry, including crane operations, health and safety site operations, marine and offshore, wind farm surveying, roads, bridges and tunnels, agriculture and horticulture, sports and outdoor activities, education and research projects, remote airfields and many others.

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WeatherFile at the Southampton Boat Show

Richard Paul Russell Ltd has recently extended their WeatherFile network in the Solent with the addition of a Gill MaxiMet GMX 500 sensor at Southampton Boat Show.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd have partnered with Kuti’s Brasserie to deliver high quality wind and weather data to YachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show exhibitors and visitors.

The sensor used is the from the MaxiMet range designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments. MaxiMet sensors are reliable, high quality instruments that provide accurate meteorological information in a wide variety of applications. The Gill MaxiMet GMX500 sensor located on the roof of Kuti’s brasserie has a built in compass that will always find north thus increasing further accuracy regardless of sensor movement.

One of the main challenges Richard Paul Russell Ltd faced when fitting this unit was to overcome the lack of Wi-Fi internet access. Our newly developed WeatherFile Mobile Unit (WMU) allows data to be gathered directly from the Gill MaxiMet GMX500 sensor and sent to our WeatherFile website over the GSM mobile cellular network. The result is live data through WeatherFile completely independent of local internet and separating data transfer from the customers own Wi-Fi network also removes any associated security risks.

Visitors to the show can now accurately check live weather data and take advantage of fine dining on the roof terrace of Kuti’s with great views of the show and the Solent. Further applications for this system could include weather monitoring for temporary structures, outdoor events, festivals and health and safety site operations and many others.

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