‘Outwardly, this is a simple little device’ – Combat and Survival Magazine July2015

Interesting review of the Kestrel Drop D3 by Mike Gormley, in the July 2015 issue of Combat and Survival Magazine .

‘Outwardly, this is a simple little device’. The Kestrel Drop range are wireless data loggers that work in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad).

The Kestrel Drop D3 records Temperature, Relative humidity, heat Index, Dew Point, Station Pressure Density Altitude, Pressure Trend,     ‘A lot for a very small device’.

Download the Free App and read all the info via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

‘The range of the Bluetooth is impressive and so the Kestrel can be quite a long way from the smart phone and still get readings. I got readings when in the departure lounge and the Kestrel was in my baggage – somewhere en route to the aircraft’

Mike reviewed the Kestrel Drop while on a camping trip on Dartmoor in January this year, the Kestrel was useful in recording and showing the overnight temperature drop    Brrrr!



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