Winter – Wind Chill Temperatures

Wind Speeds at our Lymington site registered over 60 knots at times over the last few days Brrrr!

Have a look at how the wind speed affects how cold you feel :

Richard Paul Russell Ltd

Winter is setting in, with Sub-Zero temperatures yesterday morning in the New Forest National Park,  ice scrapers were deployed to clear car windscreens (and bicycle seats) for the staff journeys to the Richard Paul Russell Ltd design and manufacturing sites in Lymington and Milford on Sea. With higher winds expected again this weekend, the chilling effects of wind needs to be monitored.

All Kestrel Weather Meters (except the Kestrel 1000) are thermo-anemometers and allow Wind Chill to be calculated and displayed.

Wind Chill becomes a hazard when heat is drawn away from the skin faster than the body can replace it. This may lead to frostbite or worse.

The chilling effect of the wind, a combination of wind speed and temperature, can be represented by the lower temperature that would be required to produce the same chilling sensation for a person walking in calm conditions. Wind Chill indicates to the user how their environment really…

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