Richard Paul Russell Ltd Partner with Business and Industry Today Magazine

Richard Paul Russell Ltd

Richard Paul Russell Ltd are proud to announce a partnership with Business and Industry Today Magazine aimed at promoting the benefits of the Kestrel 4300 Construction Weather Meter for those involved in concrete placement.

Weather and its consequences can be very expensive to contractors with professionals often relying on weather and forecast data from weather stations many miles from the actual construction site. Richard Paul Russell Ltd the official UK distributor for Kestrel Weather Meters launches the Kestrel 4300 Construction Weather Meter, aimed at the concrete industry. It delivers highly accurate current weather data and predicts future weather conditions with an automatic evaporation rate calculation to predict plastic shrinkage crack and surface crusting conditions.

The kestrel 4300 is compact and hand-held weighing only a few grams.They report wind speed, temperature and relative humidity. The 4300 uses the temperature of the concrete (which you input) and calculates the rate of evaporation of surface moisture, letting…

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