T In The Park Successful Test For FlexiMet

Recently Richard Paul Russell Ltd loaned a test system to T in the Park for testing and feedback.

The system loaned was a FlexiMet 2 system with WiFi connectivity. This allowed stage contractors to monitor and view wind speed and direction data anywhere via the local WiFi network. The system also logged all data onto the SpaceLogger.W8.Wireless data logger before it was transmitted over the local WiFi network.

The system performed very well proving to be very reliable and accurate and allowing the flexibility for multiple contractors on and off site  to view real-time wind data.

One piece of feedback was that short term events such as festivals and sports events would rather lease or rent a system for the duration than own it. Richard Paul Russell Ltd have on the back of this feedback started renting their FlexiMet Wind and Weather monitoring systems offering an extremely cost effective way of monitoring environmental conditions during an event.

We thank all those involved for the feedback and look forward to supplying many systems to the temporary event market.

FlexiMet Wind 2

FlexiMet Wind 2 System with WiFi compatibility


t in park wind monitoring

RPR Ltd had a FlexiMet Wind System on test at T in the Park


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