Kestrel Meter Battery Choice

At Richard Paul Russell we want to ensure the longevity of your Kestrel so you get a lifetimes enjoyment from it. A key element of product care is the choice of batteries and how the Kestrel is stored. We strongly recommend that you only use lithium batteries in your Kestrel. Lithium batteries have many advantages over alkaline batteries, most importantly they do not leak when in storage unlike alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries are also lighter and last longer as well as having better cold weather performance key in our cold UK climate.

Importantly the exceptional 5 year warranty only covers the Kestrel when it is used with lithium batteries. If you do use alkaline make sure you remove them when the kestrel is not in use to avoid leakage and corrosion.

If you are not sure what type of lithium battery to choose, we would recommend the Energizer® Brand Ultimate Lithium AAA.

Energiser Lithium AAA batteries

Energiser Lithium AAA batteries



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